Concrete Coating & Waterproofing Solutions

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Providing Tasmanian Industries and Commercial Operations with Concrete Coating & Waterproofing Solutions

Application of Specialised Coatings, Intumescent, Industrial, Marine and floor coatings

Industrial & epoxy flooring

Superior floor and surface coatings to protect your assets and infrastructure from abrasive environments and the corrosive effects of acid, solvents, oils and chemicals.


Expert advice on preparation and application of industrial protective coatings to preserve and secure your workplace assets.

Waterproofing systems & membranes

The latest technology in seamless and fast curing waterproofing systems. We can protect any surface, quickly and reliably.

Our Services

The primary aim of Poly Tech Tasmania is to provide sound, practical advice and effective solutions. Not just the restoration of existing assets, but more so the protection of new buildings against environmental stressors and everyday wear and tear. We not only provide quality durable flooring finishes, but we also focus on making sure the surface is prepared well using various techniques such as captive shot blasting, diamond grinding, scarifying, acid etching and high pressure cleaning.  Making sure the concrete is solid with crack repair and slab jacking is also important.

Poly Tech has a reputation for quality, innovation and the delivery of major projects, both commercial and retail. Our services are conveniently provided from our Poly Tech Tasmania Hobart depot.

Below are some of the Services we offer and some of the protections your new floors can offer.

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Abrasive Blasting & Painting

See Abrasive Blasting and Painting for all your blasting, graffiti removel, fire protection and other industrial coating needs.